MAFCS Teacher of the Year Program

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MAFCS Teacher of the Year

Nominations are sought to honor exemplary, creative FCS teachers throughout the State.  As many as one FCS teacher will be honored from each county within the state of Maryland at the MAFCS Spring Meeting.  The nominated FCS teacher does not need to meet the guidelines for the AAFCS National Teacher of the Year Award to apply[1].  However, if the MAFCS Teacher of the Year recipient meets the guidelines for the national award, s/he would represent Maryland in the national contest in the following calendar year.

Who can apply?

Any FCS teacher within the State of Maryland can apply.  S/he may nominate him/herself or s/he may be nominated by a peer or an administrator.

How can I apply?

To apply for the award, please submit the following information by e-mail to Cheryl Doughty, Vice President for Services postmarked on or before March 1st to


  1. The following information for the nominated teacher should be included with the application: the teacher’s name, address and telephone number; the name of the school where the teacher is currently teaching, the name of the program being highlighted; information regarding the education that the teacher has received, professional memberships, and a list of any awards and certification (CFCS, National Board, etc.) that the teacher has attained.
  2. Submit a description (2500 word maximum) of an exemplary FCS program that was created by the nominee in an FCS-related content area.  Note that a program may refer to a semester project, a teaching unit or a new project that is integrated with an existing program.  Program descriptions should include a listing of the program’s goals and an indication of the program’s impact within the school and larger community.  Of special importance is an indication of the program’s impact on students. Nominated programs should have been in place for at least three years.
  3. 1-3 letters of recommendation from someone in a supervisory role.
  4. Optional: Up to 4 pages of supporting artifacts. These may include newspaper articles and photos. Documents may not be reduced below a font of 11, and will not be returned.  This portion of the submission may be mailed with a postmark on or before March 1st.  Mailing address available upon request to

Nominated programs will be evaluated with respect to integration of FCS with the core curriculum and with other disciplines; the teacher’s level of professional commitment to FCS; the goals and outcomes of the program; the sustainability of the program; creativity, innovation, and cutting-edge techniques in the program; the program’s ability to solicit and sustain funding and overcome obstacles or challenges; the program’s influence on the lives of students; and the program’s impact on the FCS program, school, and community.


What will be expected of the MAFCS Teacher of the Year?

Upon notification of the selection

  1. Electronically submit 5-10 photos to include a head shot, shots of teacher- student interaction and student involvement in the featured program. Student photos will need appropriate permissions.
  2. Attend the Spring 2014 meeting for the awards presentation.  Your registration costs will be covered for you and a guest.
  3. If you meet the AAFCS membership requirements, continue to seek further recognition by applying for the AAFCS Teacher of the Year in the winter following. Your registration cost will be covered.
  4. Receive a year of AAFCS / MAFCS membership with our congratulations.
  5. Become involved in the MAFCS Awards Committee.

Note:  A pdf version of a flyer that summarizes requirements for this award can be retrieved using the link provided below.

MAFCS Toy Application

MAFCS Toy Rubric



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